La Porta features regional Italian cuisine drawing inspiration from all across Italy, with classic theory and Chef Peter McAndrews’ personal finesse. Our menu changes often to provide the freshest seasonal ingredients. We welcome you to enjoy an authentic Italian experience with good friends and good wine. Buon Appetito!

As the name would indicate, Peter McAndrews was not born of Italian heritage, in fact Irish, and is a native son of Philadelphia. Through Divine intervention however, McAndrews it would seem had been born with an Italian heart and soul.

Peter had his hand in the kitchen at a very early age, and by his teens knew the restaurant business was for him. In his twenties, McAndrews earned a masters degree at the prestigious Culinary Institute for Foreigners in Piedmonte, Italy. It was at that time where Peter honed his craft in Italy’s top kitchens. However, it wasn’t until Peter opened Modo Mio (my way) that he truly spread his wings as an Italian inspired chef.

Peter’s love of life and passion for all things Italian is evident in his cuisine and his gregarious attitude. He returns to Italy as often as possible for informal absorption of cuisine and culture. Peter showcases his talents at Modo Mio, Monsù, Popolino, La Porta and his sandwich shops, Paesanos Philly Style in a very robust and forward style. Peter leans more towards a trattoria style of dining whereas the company you keep and your frame of mind are equally as important as the cuisine. At Peter’s establishments, customers leave as guests and are typically armed with a smile and a unique taste memory.